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Using Excel for Business Analysis


Using Excel for Business Analysis

Книга: Using Excel for Business Analysis, Автор: Fairhurst Danielle Stein

Книга: Using Excel for Business Analysis, Автор: Fairhurst Danielle Stein

О чём это произведение: This invaluable guide pairs each standard with one or more classroom-ready activities and suggestions for variations and extensions, help students apply their understanding of math concepts Teach essential abstract and critical thinking skills Demonstrate various problem-solving strategies Lay a foundation for success in higher mathematics The rapid adoption of the Common Core Standards across the nation has left teachers scrambling for aligned lessons and activities.

Teaching Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities is the high school math teacher s solution for smart, engaging Common Core math, make math anxiety a thing of the past as you show your students how they use math every day of their lives, and give them the cognitive tools to approach any math problem with competence and confidence. The Common Core Standards define the knowledge and skills students need to graduate high school fully prepared for college and careers, bring Common Core Math into high school with smart, engaging activities Teaching Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities, Grades 9-12 provides high school teachers with the kind of help they need to begin teaching the standards right away.

Covering a range of abilities and learning styles, these activities bring the Common Core Math Standards to life as students gain fluency in math communication and develop the skillset they need to tackle successively more complex math courses in the coming years, this book shows you how to teach the math standards effectively, and facilitate a deeper understanding of math concepts and calculations.

Meeting these standards positions American students more competitively in the global economy, and sets them on a track to achieve their dreams, if you want to bring new ideas into the classroom today, look no further.

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Жанр произведения: банковское дело.
Объем: 610 стр. 393 иллюстрации
Возрастное ограничение: 0+
Правообладатель: John Wiley & Sons Limited.

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