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Vitamin D For Dummies


Vitamin D For Dummies

Книга: Vitamin D For Dummies, Автор: Alan Rubin L.

Книга: Vitamin D For Dummies, Автор: Alan Rubin L.

О чём это произведение: This hands-on, plain-English guide is perfect for anyone looking for helpful advice and information on the nutrient of the decade, no longer thought to just play a role in calcium intake and bone growth, Vitamin D has a host of other functions in the body, playing a role in prevention of serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as boosting immunity, improving athletic performance, losing weight, and more.

Coverage of how Vitamin D works, and how much is needed for disease prevention How and where to get sufficient amounts of the right kind of Vitamin D – from both your diet and nutritional supplements The best ways to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D If you re looking to learn more about the many benefits Vitamin D can have on you and your family, you ll find everything you need right here, your plain-English guide to the many benefits of Vitamin D Vitamin D is in the news every day, as new tests and studies reveal encouraging information about its power in maintaining good health and preventing major illnesses.

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Жанр произведения: здоровое и правильное питание.
Объем: 291 стр.
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Правообладатель: John Wiley & Sons Limited.

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